Posted by: Yuki Choe | September 20, 2007

Announcement: New Author On Board.

I am pleased to present to you a new author for Reflections Asia. Perhaps I shall leave it to him to tell a little about himself and reveal as much as he wants for the benefit of our humble place of affirmation and love. Welcome aboard!



  1. Hi Yuki and company. It is a privilege to be asked to join the site of Reflections Asia. I go by my real name of Sam Davies as my goal for the past several years has been to advocate for the transsexed community world wide and more recently for the gay community.

    I am a transsexed man, aged 38, who started my physical transformation over seven years ago. Like most transsexed it has been a rough road but wouldn’t have it any other way if my experiences can help make the path of other brothers and sisters easier, smoother and more fruitful.

    I was born in Britain but moved to Australia in 1972. Best thing my parents did for me. I have been living on the out skirts of Darwin in a rural area for the past two years. I am a bush person at heart with a love toward the Asian culture and peoples. Have heaps of animals; they help me remain sane. 🙂

    I was brought up by my none practicing Roman Catholic mother. My parents separated when I was nine and my father is atheist from what I can gather. In 1989 I became a Jehovah’s Witness as most of their beliefs were similar to what I already had personally developed independently during my life up till then and I was pretty tired of being on my own. Unfortunately, as with most mainstream religion, transsexed are caste out [disfellowshipped/excommunicated] if we undergo gender reassignment or refuse to remain silent about who we are under our exteriors. This was my eventual fate after nine and a half years of debating that gender reassignment was NOT a moral issue. So in 2000 I started my physical transformation to literally save my physical and spiritual life.

    God has made it pretty clear to me that the transsexed are acceptable to him no matter whether reassigned or not and that any judgment upon us is purely borne from man’s ignorance, bias and hate. I have never tolerated lies or seeing lives dictated to by humans to their injury. Thus I took the path of truth and liberated my self from the bonds of human desires forced upon me and have taken deeper shelter under the wings of the Almighty. I am stronger than I have ever been.

    Despite this I am still a Jehovah’s Witness and soon will be uploading my own site for transsexed Jehovah’s Witnesses, with a link to Reflections Asia, whether they be past or present Witnesses and designed by a fellow transman living in the USA who also has a Witness back ground. There is included an area for the transsexed [and their relatives and friends who have been supportive] to contribute their personal stories no matter what religion, culture or country they are from as it saddens me to see anyone caste from any religion, organization, culture or group due to their gender or sexual orientation.

    When I find the time I will be finishing my autobiography that was accepted by a publisher over a year ago and will include many pictures. I started this back in 1991 just as a therapy exercise suggested by my GP and a couple of Witness friends. Most Witness do not agree with the adverse stand toward the transsexed once they realize that it is not a moral issue but are not permitted to speak out or they will be excommunicated.

    Ask me anything and I will do my best to answer.
    Agape, peace and hugs,

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