Posted by: Blueforest | February 19, 2008

My Commitments to My Future Soul Mate

Like everyone else in the world, I hope to find a soul mate who is willing to be with me in future. Since I am a homosexual girl, my soul mate will be a girl as well. Although I am single all this while and have not yet met my soul mate, I have a few commitments for her. These are summarized in the following short poem.

Dear girl
though I still do not know what is your name
                                              how do you look like
                                              where are you at the moment
I hope I will be able
to do the following things to you
if we are together in future

I will
          love you as I love myself
          respect your family and friends
          be a good listener of you
          share your ups and downs
          wipe away your tears when you are hurt
          be with you in going through various trials and challenges in your life,
               if you are willing to let me

I will not
                hurt you unnecessarily
                act or speak equivocally and make you feel at a loss what to do
                treat our relationship as a game and make you feel uncertain and insecure
                treat our relationship as a warfare and make you feel tortured

I hope you will do the same to me too


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