Posted by: Yuki Choe | December 8, 2007

Examining The Imagination Of Pursuing Liberty Under Christ.

Besides Real Love Ministry in Malaysia, another ex-gay organization on the Malaysian map is Pursuing Liberty Under Christ. This ministry is run under Pastor Tryphena Law, a self identified ex-lesbian.

An interview with Tryphena Law can be viewed here. In this interview, as with the case of Edmund Smith, the director of Real Love Ministry, references of homosexuality becoming in them is obvious; the repetitions of stories about failed relationships with parents and looking for love in the wrong places to encourage the dogma that homosexuals are inlearnt through bad experiences in life, contrary to the lives of most homosexuals, male or females, that are born of perfectly normal childhoods.

As a similar pattern is established of heterosexual confusion into experimentation with homosexual relationships emerge in Tryphena Law’s case, we can see also confusion in the representation of what is homosexuality, and thus, dangerously preached to the public and social circles as ‘facts’ and ‘truth’. PLUC is affiliated directly with Exodus International and derives its twisted and ultimately non-peer reviewed sciences from there.

Just as Real Love Ministry takes articles from the extremely homophobic PFOX, Pursuing Liberty Under Christ takes their articles from Love Won Out, an ex-gay ministry birthed by Focus On The Family, an advocate of anti-gay rights, as bluntly put out by its leader, James Dobson.

An interesting point of view in their website article is the inclusion of one that mentions about transsexuals. Observe the article below (commentary in brackets and italics):


The situation

A man rejects his original gender and identity as a result of a deep and severe split from negative childhood experiences. Physical development is normal but psychologically, he develops an intense conviction that he is a member of the opposite sex, thus desiring to have his sex changed. One major difficulty in determining this condition, known as transsexualism, is the inability to conclusively sift out true transsexualism from delusional thinking.

(This shows the total lack of understanding towards what constitutes transsexual, and seeks to readdress the issue with a whole lot of self made sciences. As if having Gender Identity Disorder, a inert condition by birth, is not worse enough, they went on to describe it to be inlearnt and in their own words, some of us are delusional.)

How is gender determined?

In humans, there are only two definite expressions of gender: male and female. This is clearly different from the animal and plant kingdoms wfere a creature can be asexual (no sex organs) such as the single-cell amoeba, or bi-sexual (having both) such as some papaya trees.

To determine your own gender (just in case you don’t know), consider how sex is expressed:

– Societal. Society designates symbols and roles for men and women. For example, blue is for boy while pink is for girl. In most societies, the man is the main breadwinner while the woman, the homemaker. At work, a man does certain jobs (construction worker) while a woman, others (receptionist). These stereotypes change hom time to time and are different hom culture to culture. However, do symbols and roles define your gender?

– Psychological. Emotions when expressed in the form of behaviours can take on gender attributes defined by people and culture. Feelings like anger, libido, sympathy, can have conclusions like these: men talk loudly and ogle a lot. Women cry more, hug a lot. But do feelings have sexual differentiation? Do your emotions determine your gender?

– Physical. This refers to your external physical characteristics such as facial and body structure, shape and form. Does having hairy legs make you a man? Or smooth fair skin, a woman? What if you have both? Don’t fret. It’s just the level of your hormones which determine these characteristics. Nothing is wrong with your sex.

– Genetics. Every normal cell contains two sex chromosomes: the male, XY, while the female, xx. Very, very rarely, mix ups occur, resulting in physical abnormalities and ambiguous genitalia known as “Intersex”. Usually, your chromosomal sex, also known as genetic sex, matches with what you see in the full-length mirror when undressed.

– Genitals. The primary sexual characteristics for males are the testes, and the female, ovaries (not breasts). Therefore, the saying that “a man’s two are located downstairs, while the woman’s two are upstairs” does not correspond scientifically. Everyone knows (at least the doctor and midwife at your birth) how to identify a boy and girl. So if you still don’t know your gender by now, ask your doctor, fathelf mother or helpful neighbuor.

(As we can observe here, the whole article went on to confuse gender dynamics which can exist in every living person, and produces gender stereotypes which has totally nothing to do with transsexuals, ignoring the increasing scientific findings about transsexuals as below, which made the whole article essentially claptrap.)

A Discussion on the Relationship Between Gender Identity And Prenatal Exposure to Diethylstilbestrol (DES) in 46XY Individuals.

Gender Identity Disorders and Bipolar Disorder Associated With the Ring Y Chromosome.

Genetics Of Sex And Gender Identity.

Male-to-Female Transsexuals Have Female Neuron Numbers in a Limbic Nucleus.

Sexual Identity Hard-Wired by Genetics, Study Says.

The Heritability of Gender Identity Disorder in a Child and Adolescent Twin Sample.

With the increasing advance in science, awareness and scholarship thinking into transsexual issues, it is a danger that these groups continually produce such mass misleading preachings and teachings to the common public. Their misrepresentation dismisses the existence of our beings in the eyes of the common man. Therefore, the irresponsible behaviours and musings of these ex-gay groups should be best ignored or avoided completely.

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